Why do we exist as an organization?
Because safety is too important to put off.

We provide complete child-safety services that are

  • Premier Quality
  • Practical Compliance
  • Designed to transfer knowledge, not to create dependency on consultants
  • Highly Trustworthy
  • Collaborative
  • Scalable, can be replicated with other aspects of the agency

We provide keynote speeches that inspire, educate, encourage, and entertain

We help you protect the children and families you serve. The problem is most people who have abused children have not yet been identified, caught, or prosecuted.

  • True sexual pedophiles molest hundreds of children before getting caught and successfully prosecuted.
  • The worst offenders are hard to catch.
  • Child abusers blend in with all professions, all ethnic populations, all economic groups, all religious and spiritual groups, all levels of education, and all political persuasions. Sadly, it could be someone from your office, your neighborhood, or even your family.

Too many well-meaning agencies rely too heavily on background checks. Yes, they’re important. No, they are far from being enough to protect children or your organization, even if those people have had a history of abusing kids.

This is where we can help you: (1) We provide consultation about the quality of your child-safety policies and procedures; (2) We customize policies and procedures so they work smoothly and effectively for your specific environment.

We triple the effectiveness of your staff screening process:

  1. Criminal Background Checks—we trust that you are already complying with this standard level of protection. If not, we can help you get started.
  2. Reference Checks—we trust that you have been doing these thoroughly. Our services enhance this process by guiding you in knowing what questions to ask and which people to contact. By contacting additional references–beyond the people applicants selected–sometimes important information is discovered. Remember, most victims are molested by people they know and the worst sexual predators have to keep moving to hide from previous victims and to find new victims.
  3. Face-to-Face Safety-Screening Interviews—this is a unique and valuable process, done well, provide crucial information that is easily hidden when using written or phone communications. By asking the right combination of direct and indirect questions, your risk assessments can be much more effective.

We understand that you don’t want to scare away good staff members. That’s why our staff is friendly, warm, and comfortable to be with.

But high quality screening is not enough protection. You also need:

  • Community and parental education and awareness
  • Comprehensive child-safety policies and procedures that are understood and used

For your own credibility with parents, we help you demonstrate that you take children’s safety seriously—you care! We can help you demonstrate that you :

  • Understand the real harm that children under your care could suffer if you are negligent or incompetent with your child-safety policies and staff screening procedures
  • Competently implement strict child-safety standards for your program
  • Do not tolerate abuse of children
  • Do not allow high-risk people to have access to children.
  • Use premium standards when screening staff, helping to safeguard the children under your supervision from abusers
  • Maintain strict standards to protect their kids
  • Demonstrate due diligence for insurance agents and attorneys
  • Accurately present your agency as actively protecting children from abuse

Remember, through all of this, the real goal is keeping kids safe.


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