About Us

Certainly, you are a little like me.

When you hear about people struggling with big problems, don’t you wish you had more money, time, energy, or expertise to help? I do, too … but what can I do?

I told myself to stop making excuses for not helping. This is what this website is about. It’s an exploration–how can I provide resources to skilled agencies that protect children. It’s all about doing instead of procrastinating. I’ve waited too long to become rich enough to be generous. I’ll never get there if I don’t become generous with what I have today.

This is my way of generating resources for charities that are important to me, my family, and close friends.

Do you think it could be improved? Good. Go for it. Let this move you to establish a better resource. Yes! I really hope your idea for making positive changes in your community is better than mine. There’s lots of room for good ideas


These are the charities that we are donating proceeds to.

We are NOT a tax-exempt charity. You do NOT get tax-benefits for purchasing any of the products listed on this site.



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